Some authors have expressed their shame at the simplicity of male feelings compared to the difficulty of female ones. Simone de Beauvoir said that women had the obligation of passivity and tried through love to encompass man's activity in order to be in the world: to seek fusion with man in order to get out of imperfection.

A boy who asks you about your hobbies, what you like, how you are as a person, your goals or projects, dreams, etc., who listens to you and is sincerely interested in you, then deserves to continue knowing him (without being moved , I repeat). Be patient, observant and have an attitude of learning and knowing. Look for deep and interesting conversations in which there is positive communication and naturally laughter. A cheerful, profound boy, with whom you can talk about everything in a positive way, will brighten moments of your life. Verbal and non-verbal communication is more essential than physical attraction and sex. Give it the relevance it deserves. About intimate relationships, we will talk later, which is also important apart from communicating with your boy about intimate relationships.

The time has come to encourage the clitoris

Regarding the couple, it has always and at all times been and will be a motive for exploitation and profit, music, TV, cinema, entertainment, commerce, etc., have been mainly aimed at gathering hopes on this topic; Psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists who recommend couples see our offices overcrowded, even the astrologers, witches and macumberos who deal with this issue will always and at all times have a crowded clientele willing to feed on the wisest advice. Be that as it may, the couple, love and sex have always and at all times been a primary cause of concern and attention in the lives of humans.

In this category, fit all the other expenses that you may have made for the preparation of the wedding and that can be as many or as varied as there are couples in the world: photographers, music for the celebration, Disc Jockey, flowers, invitations, shows, gifts for guests, car for the bride and groom, buses, etc.

In this perspective, it will be understood that many women experience contrary feelings and a certain degree of anxiety throughout the 9 months. In addition to these understandable sensations, certain women present depressive symptoms, either throughout pregnancy or throughout the first year of the infant's life, even when everything has gone well in pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

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Your marriage comes first and both of you must avoid fighting each other because of a third party. Hence, as long as you receive a spicy comment from his family, you should try to answer with humor or politically deviating from the issue. So if you feel upset, talk it over with your husband quietly in the privacy of his room. However, if your mother-in-law or your father-in-law makes inappropriate comments to you (well if it can happen), use vocabulary such as: we are like that, we like it in a similar way, he prefers this now, his son, like Yo, think this way. Those are responses from an enviable marriage.

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Bringing those moments to mind is going to hurt you, and staying previously and in the memories does not heal. But I hope you don't have a bit of guilt left in you. You need to understand that nothing you have experienced has been your fault. You must analyze his behaviors and see that he has never acted because he had power, if not because he was weak, and that what he had to do to cover his weakness is to belittle you to make him great.

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You should have a reason to be here, and that reason leads to how you see yourself, to also define what you think of life itself and what you think is appropriate to do and in order to do it. This will allow you to take the actions that you are taking in your day-to-day life.

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The vagina is a muscular organ that can be molded to the size of the penis during intimate intercourse, for this reason, it cannot be asserted that some vaginas are too large and others are too small. Children also learn a lot about sexuality by watching their parents. The way you treat your partner or wife is going to be the model to follow for your son when he treats company girls and, later, women. In reality, learning about sexuality is learning about sexual roles, about communication, about love. What you do will impact your child considerably more than what you tell him, consequently remember that you are always teaching him at all times, both when you exchange screams with your wife and when you hold her hand.

With total security you have ever had to hear about 'strip poker', although perhaps you have never played, either you have not had anyone with or because you do not even know how to play the usual poker. This game has been on the rise for a few years now and, if it has so many followers, it is not complicated at all. Much less if the main mission is not to 'rob' any casino, but to use it as an excuse to undress with a certain spice.