Physical health and fitness: Are you in good shape? Do you eat a healthy diet? Do you train your body to leave its comfort zone from time to time (cold, heat, heights, extreme care, etc.)?

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Regardless of your personal feelings about oral sex, you should know that this is the fastest way to get a woman's vaginal fluids to flow and to prepare her for lovemaking.

This blog is going to explain how a woman can use her mouth to stimulate her lover's genitals. You will find each of these techniques in the Kama Sutra, which means that they have been shown to please men since ancient times.

Excuse me, but how do you know my name?

The Kamasutra text is commonly known for its collection of postures that we can put into practice to enjoy a good sex session with our partner. From the traditional missionary to the gymnastic mill, although to practice the latter we must be in shape.

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Mel is a slim young blonde with a model body. Very elegant and literate … the ideal company for that social event in which you want to stand out.

The statistics say so. The best-selling erotic product are lubricants. Not surprisingly, most sex toys should be used with lubricant and intimate lubricants also serve to compensate for lubrication defects that, under certain circumstances, could make many erotic relationships painful or, at least, annoying. .

Education is an incessant process

With this easy pretext you can approach a woman without her suspecting your intentions. When the two of you are speculating about who the owner is going to be, joke with her and ask her out on the pretext of asking for advice on how to find the owner. The fact that women in the last fifty years have ventured into the workplace is an apparent sign of change; However, it is not the trigger that substantially means modifying a unilateral family model, to one where there is a balance between men and women. Let us observe that the current labor system corresponds to a masculine design, women must abandon their feminine nature to be able to work outside their homes and emerge in this area; as a consequence, she has ceased to be herself. Most of the women hijack their feminine feelings, impulses and values to stand out and be recognized, having to become masculine at work to stand out. In this system, she must sacrifice her role as mother, since the working hours and the establishment of the masculine energy present in her, make it difficult for her to carry out her maternal functions. The woman goes against her nature, which generates guilt and resentment that facilitate the collapse of her personal life.

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Enjoy me in the bathtub

Leaders employ these propagandists who are public flatters. At an event, the leader usually invites fellow members to chat. It turns out that those who have been called to chat, in their speech they lie to us each and every one of the great merits of the leader. Thus, thanks to the public flatterer, we learn of these exploits, without the leader falling into the lack of elegance to boast himself of his successes.

Maintain a certain minimum level in the blood to maintain the proper functioning of each and every one of the body's systems and organs; Well, since sugar is continuously consumed by every human action, including that of meditating, there is an incessant drop in blood sugar, and that drop is detected by a structure of the brain, specifically the hypothalamus, just like a oil or gasoline level indicator of a car. Then, the brain triggers a feeling of hunger, so that the individual seeks sustenance, that is, sugar, which when satisfied suspends the desire to eat. That is what is called a negative feedback system.

Move to sit cross-legged at your feet, pulling your legs over your thighs, and using a feather (or feather duster), make multiple long U-strokes, starting at one foot, moving up your inner leg, over the pubic mound, and up to the other foot. Include one or two strokes that reach the heart and breasts. From this situation, you can blow a long, cool, incessant stream of air onto your genitals.

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The disadvantage of many people looking for a partner is that they feel incomplete, which entails the feeling of lack, the absolute happiness of the meeting and the drama of loss. I do not want to make a decalogue on what rules to continue so that sex between friends is not a bad idea, but I want and can claim that another relationship is possible. A relationship that is based on.

My body already dreams of receiving your visit

It is you, woman, who must take the initiative. Inform your partner that tonight you are going to take charge of your relationship. Let him know that you are going to seduce him, and that you will be, and only, the one who decides in what way, when and exactly in what position you will have intimate relationships. Ask your body what its most hidden desires are. Satisfaction of such wishes must become the only law you must follow. The gratification of such desires is the main reason for the change of roles.