One of my closest friends, a highly published erotic writer, surprised me with a confession when I told him about this blog. She was touched to hear that there would be a resource for people who want to live out her fantasies, and wished it had existed for her when, almost ten years ago, she had given almost anything to have her boyfriend spank her. I always and always wanted to be flogged. But it took me two years to gather my courage and ask him, and he was mortified! I stayed with him for another year and I was miserable. When I asked my next boyfriend, he was also upset, because he believed that spanking was degrading for women, and in a million years he never did, but I told him that when he wants to be spanked, he is the opposite! About a week later, he came to my house with a hard-back brush that he purchased, although he was still reluctant to use it, but I think that was mainly because he didn't know how to do it.